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Making video calls – Asterisk tutorial


To be able to send video during a call, codec h263 and video support must be enabled. This is done by adding three lines in the sip.conf file (Location: /etc/asterisk/sip.conf).
Add the following lines in the [general] tab of the file.
videosupport = yes        ; Enable video 
allow = h263             ; H.263 is our video codec 
allow = h263p             ; H.263p is the enhanced video codec


Reload the sip.conf file by running the following command in the CLI console: reload
Config in Softphone
Arrow Click “Softphone”
Arrow Click “Preferences”
asterisk video call
 Arrow Click “Video Codecs”
Arrow Verify that h263 and h263+ are selected
ArrowClick “OK”
asterisk video call
Arrow Click the video (Webcam) icon to display the video
asterisk video call
Arrow Dial the other sip phone (number 1002)
Arrow Click “Show Video” on the two sip phones.


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