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Setting up an extension - Tutorials FreePBX

We have got our trunk setup and now we need an extension so we can make a test call via the trunk. For testing I’m going to be using x-lite.  A free sip softphone for Windows and Linux. You can download it free in here: Windows Linux
Adding an extension in FreePBX First we need to click on Applications and then click on “Submit” to add a “Generic Sip Device” add an extension Next we need to get a basic extension First enter a “User Extension” –100 Next enter a “Display Name” – I used the same as above but you could enter a real persons name or whatever you want. add sip extension 
 Now see below, at device options and enter a secret. This is the password for the extension add sip extension 
 Finally click on “Submit” and then we need to click on the orange “Apply Configuration Changes” for the extension to take effect
add sip extension 
  Configuring X-lite  You can see it here We probably can’t the outside world just yet as we need an Outbound Route. That will be in the next article

Title Post: Setting up an extension - Tutorials FreePBX
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